They say you have to remember where you came from, but that's easy for Oxford Pennant because they haven't gone anywhere.  They—friends David Horesh and Brett Mikoll—got their start in Buffalo and the city they love was even the focal point of their first product launch. The Let's Go Buffalo pennant was a seamless blend of local pride, sports fanaticism, and pop culture. It was the result of a few rounds of drinks and a conversation about making something that would allow them to combine all of their interests into one medium. “We decided we want to do one thing and do it really well, that we wanted to be Oxford Pennant, not the Oxford brand," says Brett. Knowing that the world doesn't need more t-shirts, they decided to bring back something with a vintage heft; something that required craftsmanship but could be adapted to a variety of messages. The Oxford Pennant was born. 

When interviewed by Photographer Luke Copping (Also from Buffalo), Dave said, “We exist because of Buffalo. It’s the reason we’re able to do this. I’m originally from Rochester, but Buffalo has become my home. A little company like Oxford can shout loud enough to be heard in Buffalo and that’s definitely helped our brand thrive. As a city, we’re so preoccupied with trying to figure out when we’ve finally made it back to our former glory. I think we’re in a sweet spot right where we are.”

Since those early days, the team has produced pennants loudly proclaiming civic pride for cities all over the country; not to mention the countless collaborations with bands, fashion brands, and large companies all wanting to tap into the notion that everyone, everywhere has something they want to celebrate. Cheers to that.